Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Act of Kindness

I received a lovely surprise yesterday morning, a beautiful bunch of flowers from Brian & Joy.  They grow them in their garden here in West Auckland.  While I was thanking them & commenting on how beautiful they were, I found out they grow & show their Dahlias, I'm not surprised as they are some of the best looking Dahlias I've ever seen.  They were too beautiful not to share them with others, so I took a photo of them, aren't the colours just gorgeous? 


my computer skills are growing slowly, & while clicking with the mouse & playing around with some buttons last night, I discovered I can alter my photos.  they can be cropped, rotated & quite a few other things beside.  wow! I have even more stuff to learn about now, but it's all good - in time I hope to be posting better photos than I have been.  I was able to crop this photo so you get the full benefit of the blooms & not the boring background. 


  1. What beautiful flowers, Janine! Your computer skills are developing very quickly, aren't they!? :-)

  2. Thanks Bron, just wish i could do more with the computer, it's very frustrating not being able to utilize it more fully.

  3. You are certainly coming along in leaps and bounds Janine. Well done you!!