Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cute Santa Gift Tag

The inspiration for this Santa Gift Tag came from Sam Post an Australian SU demo.  I really liked her Santa card made using SU punches, a girl can never have enough punches lol.

I decided to turn it into a Gift Tag and add some chocolate, everyone likes receiving chocolate at Christmas time, I know I do.

I'm quite pleased with myself, I wanted to link this to her blog and with a bit of persevrance, and trying to remember what KarenR had told me, I've worked out how to do it.  I must say I've been avoiding giving this a go, but like all the other things I have learnt to work this blog, it's very easy once you know what to do.


  1. LOVE this gift tag Janine! He is so cute. You clever thing, you!

  2. Hi Janine!

    Your tag is so cute. I am very happy that you could find some inspiration on my blog.

    Great job with the linking too....if you hadn't I wouldn't have known about your lovely blog (which I've now put in my Google Reader). Thanks!

    Best wishes,