Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BLOG CANDY ALERT - This Should Get You Thinking

My son Jonathan recently had to do an aptitude test, he did very well on it, but not as well as he would have liked.  There were 28 questions, he answered 23 correctly, got 4 wrong and just could not work out the answer to the 5th one he got wrong.  When he came home he asked me if I could answer it and guess what, I actually could - absolutley amazing, I was quite chuffed with myself, but I know I would not have been able to answer 23 correctly like Jonathan did.  He was told 16 was the average and anything over 20 was very good, so I'm really very proud of him.

Here is the question that stumped him: 'what comes next in this sequence of numbers?'

0       1       1       2       3       5       8

I'm going to offer some blog candy to those that can answer this correctly.  I will put all correct answers into a hat and get Jonathan to pull out the winner - this will be done on the last day of November.  Hope you have lots of fun with this.  I with try and get a photo of the blog candy posted later on today.



  1. 13?

    love the santa box in a bag!

    great to see you are going the gang of pros too :-)

  2. oh I hope I get this right but I think it is 13.


  3. Hehe, I've emailed you my answer Janine - wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone else!!

  4. I also thought 13, if we are wrong what does this say about us. lol

  5. ohh me too for no.13 though it's late & my head hurts for lack of sleep

  6. its 13, it is the fibonacci number.... thanks for tha candy chance!

  7. 13 - I hope we are all right!

    Donna A

  8. The answer is 13, just worked out the sequence

  9. 5+8= 13! Got to say I'm pretty chuffed too (assuming its the right answer!) As I'm not normally to good at these sorts of things!!!

    Sujata :D