Monday, November 23, 2009

Lots of fun at Karen's Stamp Class tonight

Santa - made up as a Bag in a Box

This was one of the projects we made in Karen's stamp class tonight - yes it's still tonight but only just, midnight is almost here - and duh I'm having a mental block trying to write my post tonight.  I know we all had lots of fun making these with much laughter as almost all of us did something wrong while making Mr Santa.  One lady accidently tore a little hole in her DSP, another punched a hole where there wasn't supposed to be one and me, I should have the the joining seam of the DSP at the back of my Santa, but somehow it's on one side - so I called him my drunk Santa.  Karen was great coming up with ideas and ways to hide or fix the little problems we created for ourselves.  Plus that's how we all learn from our mistakes, some of the best things I have made is a result of hiding something I didn't like, and not wanting to start over from scratch again.

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