Sunday, November 8, 2009

My son to the rescue again

today's post is about me having a go at editing yesterdays post.  I had forgotten to acknowledge who I had cased the card from.  Plus I have listed materials used to make the card

well after 3 attempts I still didn't have the text sitting where I wanted it, I had a large white blank area of screen which was really bugging me.  I was just about to give up and try again later when my son arrived home, mentioned that I required some more help.  lol I was able to follow some of what he did but the rest was done far to quickly - he was more interested in eating his dinner, fair enough really.


  1. You will get the hang of it Janine if i can do it anyone can, I am still learning, I have a practise blog that i play around with lol.

  2. what a great idea Sally, to have a practice blog.
    now I just need to find out how to create one, where are you Karen?

  3. I don't blame you after our very busy day yesterday