Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First NZSU Challenge Entry

This is not just my first NZSU challenge, but my first challenge ever.  Plus I think it's the first time I have embossed on metallic cardstock.  I have put black Jellybeans inside the box to match the black embossing.

I made this very quickly so I could enter the challenge - that's why I like using wheels, you can whip something up pretty fast.  They are also very good value for money, once you have the handle  it's either $8.95 for the Stampin' Around  Handle or $12.95 for the  Jumbo Handle.  The Wheels are either $13.95 or $18.95 each.

Contact me if you are interested in making a purchase or finding out more about the Wheels or any other Stampin' Up products.


  1. WOW never would have thought of that - I hate black jelly beans so they would be safe with me - red ones - different matter ;-)

  2. I really like black Jellybeans Karen and it was a struggle not to eat them before they made there way into the box lol

    If my mum had seen then they would not be on my blog at all, they're one of her favourites

  3. It looks great Janine ~ very co-ordinated!! Your jellybeans would be safe with me too... my faves are the white ones.

  4. Ummm black jelly beans yum. love your triangle box Janine